GO_Jordan [Dec 16-17] Amman, Jordan

Check yourself before you wreck yourself

Our brains have developed over thousands of years to help us survive. But now we yearn for more than that: happiness, meaning, connection. This December Curtin will host a two-day event in Amman, Jordan where you’ll learn habits that’ll help you understand yourself, understand others and help make sense of this complex mess we call life.

Explore your inner mind like you have the outer world. Curtin will share how to change your approach to living with a brave childlike wonder. 

Awareness, responsibility, and emotional control will build stronger mental resilience.

We’ll work in groups and individually to identify your limiting beliefs and help manifest your intentions.

If you’ve wondered what it would be like to spend a few minutes in Curtin’s brain… here’s your chance to gain a colorful perspective on this world from a jovial observer.

Meet in Amman, Jordan on Monday, December 16th. Optional trip to Petra after conclusion of workshop. Please contact Curtin at curtin@americarex.com for further questions. Tickets are $88 USD.
(incl. workshops on self defense, diet, sleep)


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