This word comes with some baggage. A sexy predatory gaze comes into our imaginations. A poor victim falls for the fixed eye contact and another soul has been seduced.

But let’s have some fun with this word. What if we give creative power to the one being seduced. Yes, let’s start with this individual. For if the seducer truly has the power, wouldn’t everyone fall under his/her spell?

The seduced begins standing in a room consciously feeling nothing very special. But the key to this story lies in the vault of the mind… images, ideas, and storylines have already been created. A wishlist of all sorts of stuff that the eyes, ears, and mouth have yet to experience. These lie patiently (maybe forever) waiting for some stimulus to come in that matches perfectly. That’s right, the seducer can simply be the real version of something we’ve wished for long ago. We would’ve created it ourselves if we had God’s power from Genesis. The excitement of being seduced offers us both power over our understanding of what we want and also vulnerability in letting someone else star in the movie we’ve written for ourselves long ago.

So take this thought with you. Maybe it suits you, maybe not. But next time you find yourself ‘falling’ for something or someone, ask yourself if you’ve set this all up yourself… and recognize the power you have in the situation.


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