A Government Fit For Its People


Does government form to fit the people it governs? Can the many be blamed for the particular faults of their leaders? Maybe we should examine the regular folks and see how their governments play to their fears, needs, and wants. I’ll examine the cases of Sweden, Uganda, the USA, and China. These four seem to have enough varriance to explore the topic.

SWE-jentelegen, recycling, do your duty, clean dog poop, keep public goods nice, don’t waste, everyone be responsible, govt takes care of medicine, govt provides lighting at night, green spaces, maternity and paternity leave, jobs understand parenting is 50/50
UGA-govt responds to issues when it will benefit them (build road and church for pope visit), govt masterful at lying (museveni was meditating, not sleeping), govt acts like strongman, govt plays up white/black relationship… demanding money for foreigners but wanting to take 100% credit for ugandan pride, KCCA and others currupt down to the smallest contract, everyone looking out for themselves
USA-people very emotional with political issues, lots of paperwork (tax code), lots of quotes and patriotic quotes, consumer driven, your opinion is important… customer is always right… everyone gets a trophy, still lots of talk about focusing on small business and giving power to the people… you can do anything
CHN-5,000 years of culture means there is a ‘way’ whether you like it or not, history of having big families but now the reality offering one child, the govt does what it thinks is best for ‘the Chinese’ in general, this means the many over the few, govt expecting families to take care of some issues, strongly defending Chinese authority over the forces outside, the sheep mentality evolved from survival practices… so hard to rule and keep healthy millions of people… easier if they eat and respect the same things.

community beliefs- breaking points- family vs state responsibilities


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