Exes for Life

To be married for life is a challenge. To be happily married for that time even more so. But some would assume that if a couple breaks up, they will surely be exes for life. While that is technically true, I would like to know how many readers consistently introduce their exes to current friends, colleagues and (oh my gosh) their current partners. It’s one thing to talk about an ex in the past tense. Memories and old feelings that have lost the power to sting you and pull you. It’s another thing to have your exes be a vital part of your current and future life. But that’s just what I’m about to promote.

When we’re down, we look for advice. but we don’t take it from just anyone. We try to pick out a person we respect, who knows a bit about the subject and hopefully knows us well enough to figure out what will work and what won’t. As kids we look to our parents. They know us maybe better than we know ourselves at that age. They have the power to help us, guide us and support us. Later in life we may look to a role model for guidance but many of these people know little about our own lives so they can’t give us tailored advice. That’s the same issue with Medium articles, YouTube videos or thought leaders in pop culture. The advice may work for most of the public but it may not be the best for me.

Trying to fix the issue, we look to those who know us well. People who know that we won’t be able to wake up at 5am to go running or write 5,000 words a day for our first novel. But these chums can sometimes be too close. Your best drinking buddy most likely wont’ likely won’t tell you


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